parenthetical documentation

The final written project will be a minimum of 12 pages of narrative text (excluding bibliography and appendices). Note the following instructions for preparation of your paper: Your paper should not exceed 18 pages of narrative text. Let the instructor know if you wish to exceed this limit.
Use the APA Handbook as your guide for all issues of format, grammar, capitalization, citations, etc.
Use ‚Äúparenthetical documentation‚ÄĚ rather than footnotes or endnotes, i.e. put your citations in parentheses ( ) at the appropriate place within your text. See APA Handbook for details.
Prepare a title page with your project title about one-third the way down the page. About two-thirds the way down the page, place the wording:
A senior research project submitted by
(your name)
in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies at
Fresno Pacific University

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