Explain the significance of the issue or problem.

1.1.3: Present ideas in a clear, logical order appropriate to the task.
2.1.3: Explain the significance of the issue or problem.
4.1.2: Engage in regular and consistent communication and meetings with team members and external project stakeholders.
4.2.4: Prepare a finished teamwork product.
10.1.1: Identify the problem to be solved.
12.9.1: Describe organizational compliance with government legislation that impacts technology.
12.9.2: Explain organizational compliance with industry regulations.
12.9.3: Explain compliance with organizational policies.
13.1.2: Describe the various processes that affect policies, processes, and procedures.
14.1.1: Explain how ethical principles used in the information technology industry apply to the welfare and safety of stakeholders and society.

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