Drafting Your Informal Blog Post

Topic 1: Drafting Your Informal Blog Post
In the Unit 3 Discussion Board, you posted topic ideas for your Unit 4 Assignment. After reviewing the feedback you received in the Unit 3 DB and again reviewing the Unit 4 Assignment, select one of the topics you posted in Unit 3 (or a different one if you have changed your topic ideas) and then implement your plan for the blog post by writing a rough draft of at least two paragraphs. Once you receive feedback on your posted draft, begin revising your ideas and strengthening the development, organization, and clarity of your thoughts as you prepare the final version of this paper for the Unit 4 Assignment Dropbox. Aim to post your draft by Saturday so that you have time to review and apply feedback during your revision process.
INITIAL POST: Use the following downloadable Blog Post Graphic Organizer to organize your thoughts into a two or more paragraph draft. Do not worry about the draft being perfect or even correct and edited. Your goal is to get your ideas down on the page so you can then take the next steps in the writing process: Revising and Editing.
CM107 Unit 4 Discussion Board
Blog Post Graphic Organizer
Paragraph 1
• introduce topic
• grab audience
• establish main point
Paragraph 2
• share relevant personal experience with the problem
• show how you were able to deal with or solve the problem
Paragraph 3
• motivate your audience to also use your recommended solution
• draw it to a close
Be sure to also include a brief reflection: What Unit 4 Assignment rubric requirements are you currently meeting in this draft and what do you still need to do to meet all requirements?
Also include an open-ended question that helps your classmates and instructor to best help you with revising and strengthening your draft. Please also refer to and credit the Unit 4 Reading material to help validate your ideas and give you practice with using and crediting source information.

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