Watch the movie: Prasite (

Watch the movie: Prasite (
Was there anything that made you pause and think while engaging in the material? What did you think about?
Was there an element of the text that you found challenging? What was that element and why was it challenging? Where are you in your thinking on that challenge right now?
Did you have to search something online to aid your understanding? A word, phrase, location, concept, etc.? If so, what source did you use and what did you learn?
Did you reflect on yourself in position to the text you are reading?
I encourage students to be as specific as possible and keep the focus of their writing on the particular text. Essays are made stronger when they are focused on specific elements of the text, so use these Journal Reflections as opportunities to focus your attention, follow what interests you, and explain your relation to the text. Try focusing on a specific passage, scene, formal element, character arc, etc.
The journal entry is different from a formal essay and will not be graded as such; use the level of language and writing closest to the way you think personally, but keep your writing in complete grammatical sentences. For example, you can use the personal pronoun ā€œIā€ in these Reflections. This will enable you to make connections between the course and the ideas and experiences that intertwine with your personality and identity.

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