the Texas government

Do write your essay on an appropriate topic. If I have to ask what your topic has to do with the Texas government, then it is not an appropriate topic.
*Content—Address the various sides of the current issue with the student drawing personal conclusions based on their analysis of the issue and demonstrating an understanding of its complexities.
*Present an informed evaluation of the evidence and the different viewpoints surrounding the topic. Compare and contrast the different viewpoints of the sources cited, taking into account position limits. Analyze and question your sources’ assumptions.
*Paper length—Your paper should contain a minimum of 750 words (not counting headings). (No maximum length). The paper should be typewritten, double-spaced, and based on information from a minimum of three sources (no maximum).
*Writing style—With few or no typographical errors, misspelled words, and grammatical errors. Use proper complete sentence and paragraph structure. Improve your writing style by revising the paper as many times as necessary.
*Citations—Anytime you borrow someone’s ideas, paraphrase or quote them, and cite all sources using an appropriate method approved by the Instructor. Construct a bibliography (e.g., a “work cited” or “End Notes” page) using an appropriate method approved by the Instructor.
Introduction: Why did you select this policy and what will your focus be.
History: How did this policy come to be? Was it in reaction to some national event? Who favored and opposed this policy?
Evaluation: Is this policy working? For instance, if you selected the policy that gave us student loans/grants, you will want to explore whether more students are attending college as a result? If the policy is about national security, has this policy made the country safer? Do not guess on this one, do the research and find information to back up your contention that said the policy is working or not.
Personal and Social Responsibility: What did you learn about this topic and this process? Do we, as a society, have an interest in the government acting to address the problem you identified?
Conclusion: Wrap everything up with a strong conclusion.
Don’t use sources such as Wikipedia,,, encyclopedias, dictionaries, or the textbook. These are not reliable sources.
Don’t use overly partisan (conservative or liberal) websites that only present one side of the issue.
Don’t ignore your evidence. If you begin writing your essay with a particular point of view but are unable to substantiate it, then do not be afraid to admit you may have been wrong. That is the difference between academic writing and political commentary. Academics will form opinions based on the facts, while political pundits cherry-pick facts to support opinions.

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