The Nitty and the Gritty of this Summative Presentation:

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The Nitty and the Gritty of this Summative Presentation:
This assignment is a sort of summative project- please reflect over what you’ve done during this class and semester to make a presentation about the process of writing your research paper.
It’s always nice to have some visuals to illustrate whatever needs a bit more explanation or, well, illustration, so share that with me via a PowerPoint Presentation, Keynote Presentation, a nifty movie of you explaining and using some sort of visuals so I can understand more about your experience and process.
Remember; this is a simple ‘share-out’- let me know about how easy or difficult the process was for you, the steps you took to create your excellent thesis, outline, draft, annotated bibliography, last drafts, your final touches, and/or whatever you would like to enlighten me about your process of coming to this point.
Then you ought to speak to the actual structure of your paper; tell me a little about your thesis, the sub theses, and most importantly, your conclusion. Then bask in the joy of being finished!
So- sixty to seventy percent of the presentation needs to be about your process, successes, difficulties etc., while thirty to forty percent should be about your ideas, points and conclusions related to your actual research essay.
If you do it and do it with style, effectively, and make a good effort, you’ve got your points. BOOM! No worry at all!

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