Effective Coaching Strategy for Improved Performance

Integration of Faith Professional Coaching Research Paper Topic: Effective Coaching Strategy for Improved Performance Instructions: APA format that focuses on the integration of faith and current practices of Executive Professional Coaching. From an Executive Coach Perspective complete a Research Paper/Case Study using the following information: The client is the leader who is having difficulty managing the high volume of priority items. These items include prioritization-related intensive work pressure, performance efficiency, and productivity. Using the Solution-Focused Coaching Approach describe the coaching approach for ensuring the client’s goals are met. APA FORMAT: Must include: 1. 2,000 -word research-based paper 2. Outline 3. Abstract on Professional Coaching 4. Introduction 5. Body 6. Clearly explained Executive Coaching Examples least one example of a coaching scenario where the coach successfully navigated a leader through his or her specific leadership challenge AND at least one example of a coach who did not successfully navigate a leader through a different leadership challenge. 7. Faith Integration (Christian Worldview on Professional Executive Coaching) 8. Conclusion 9. References (No Websites) – 6 peer-reviewed journal articles, the Bible, and the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Competencies https://coachingfederation.org/core-competencies.

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