Decision-Making Assignment

Decision-Making Assignment
For this assignment, you will examine your own decision-making patterns. Use APA Template – Research, integrate practical evidence, and cite your work using in-text citations and add headings for each question below – customize your heading don’t use the question as a heading. Link to APA Format:
What is a programmed decision that you make? Why does this decision not need a more thorough decision-making process?
Think about a major decision you have made – where to attend college, what job to take, whether to share an apartment with a friend. Did you go through each of the six steps in the decision-making process, or did you skip any? Which took the longest, any why?
Choose one of the barriers to effective decision-making that you have personally experienced. Describe how it affected the decision you were making.
Outside Sources are required 3 to 5 Credible Sources from our Library.

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