· Nursing management and how it is the “powerhouse”

Attached in 2 word documents is my section of the paper requiring edits and additions. Also attached is a separate word document that has these directions explained below.
These 2 sections are
currently 4 pages long. Once the changes
are made below, these 2 sections should be at least 5+ full pages.
In the first section titled “Nursing Research Management” add more
information about:
Nursing management and how it is the “powerhouse”
of it all
Talk more about how the Doctors/Providers
interact and staffing
talk about an opiate program and how it will
require extra money
how staff can be educated on the opiate issues
talk about the need for resources for patients.
In the second section titled “Evidence Based Practice, Quality and Safety:
Include more numbers/statistics to support the information -there
should be a lot more data/numbers in this section
Mention the problems and then solutions in the
same paragraph
Finally…In either the Nursing Research Management Section and/or Evidence Based
Practice, Quality and Safety section, include information on the “IOM
Competencies” which are …
The set of core
competencies that all health professionals regardless of discipline will demonstrate
are: 1) the provision of patient-centered care, 2) working in
inter-professional teams, 3) employing evidence-based practice, 4) applying
quality improvement approaches, and 5) utilizing informatics
***Everything should be APA 7th edition format,
with scholarly articles from the last 5 years**

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