Managing employees during the time of COVID-19

In this assignment, you will select an international organization and explore its expatriation and repatriation methods.
Activity Instructions
Step 1 – Preparation
For this assignment, select an overseas company.
Step 2 – Respond to the following:
Research, and design a country-specific program for employees working abroad – especially during the time of COVID-19.
What support systems should be put in place for employees and their families?
Upon repatriating to the United States, what programs should be implemented?
Writing and Submission Requirements
Make sure to follow APA style 7th edition format.
Your response should focus on the following topics:
Country specific programs for employees
Challenges associated with expatriation and repatriation of employees
Managing employees during the time of COVID-19
Support systems for employees and their families
Programs designed during their repatriation

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