Describe the “numerical” Level of Evidence according to the scale posted on the Differentiating

Please consider the following:
A qualitative nursing research article published in the past 5 years is required: Select an article of your choice and submit to faculty via email
Use APA formatting throughout the paper (see APA 7th), including the title page, reference list, and at least 400 – 800 words to perform a critical appraisal of a qualitative research study
Please utilize APA level one and level two headings to organize your work.
Appraise the quality of the article/research study using the Critical Appraisal Guidelines of Qualitative Studies in Fain, (2017) Chapter 14. Also address the following sections:
Write a brief description of the research article and include the following:
The purpose of the research study?
Identify the type of qualitative study? (descriptive, grounded theory, ethnography, phenomenology)
Describe the “numerical” Level of Evidence according to the scale posted on the Differentiating Research Assignment.
The following sections should EACH be addressed and include at least one paragraph:
Problem Statement:
Research questions
Literature review
Sample and sampling procedure
Protection of human subjects
Data collection procedures
Data analysis procedures
Scientific integrity: credibility/transferability/dependability/confirmability
Results and findings of the study
Evaluation summary:
Applicability to replicate the study
The applicability to apply study findings in your area of Nursing Practice, whether that be a hospital, home health, SNF, etc.
How does this study relate to evidence-based nursing practice?
Comment on the unique findings, impact on nursing, the strengths and weaknesses of the study.

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