Being mortal by A.Gawande

No title page needed just content and reference page.
“Students are required to read the book, Being mortal by A.Gawande, and write a reflection paper. The paper must be in proper APA format (.7th ed ). It is a reflection paper so I would like you to focus on your reaction(s) to the book and apply at least three valid ethical points you have learned so far in the course. It is by no means a book report. I want to read about your thought processes and how the ethics you have learned thus far may be applied to the book. It is a reflection paper so writing in the third person is preferable but not absolute.”
I will attach paper with references… in can not be too similar but can use some of the references. Will need a couple additional references.
Please use these three topics as the 3 ethical points ive learned from:
Respecting patient’s autonomy
Building trust through patient centered care
Importance of patient advocacy

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