Why had Americans strayed from the church?

Make sure you insert a footnote citation if you are quoting from another source. Each essay should be about 500 words in length.
Your grade will be based on the following:
45% facts: This means that you are demonstrating that you understand the content within the documents. It also means that you are presenting accurate facts from history, i.e. the events surrounding the time in which the document was created. These facts should come from your textbook or from lectures.
45% analysis: This means that you have a thesis (argument). Click on thesis (Links to an external site.) to learn how to write this statement. It also means that in addition to presenting facts, you are explaining what is historically significant about the person, place, event. To figure out historical significance, ask yourself, “Is this fact an example of similar processes going on at the time?” or “What were the immediate consequences of this fact?” or “Are there any parallels to today or long-term consequences?”
10% organization: This means that each paragraph has a purpose to present evidence in support of your original argument. It also means that your essay has a logical flow. Finally, there should not be an overwhelming amount of grammatical errors that distract from being able to read your essay.
This is a sermon that Jonathan Edwards gives at a revival in Connecticut. It was designed to bring the “strayed” back to church. Things to consider:
1. Why had Americans strayed from the church?
2. Compare Jonathan Edwards approach to George Whitfield (a preacher at the same time and had the same success).
3. Colonists, at this time were British, but they are transitioning to become an American. How does religion play a role in this transition?
Use the following link for additional info

Jonathan Edwards Revives Enfield, Connecticut, 1741

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