the ‘P’ (treatment plan) that completes the partial SOAP

nitial Discussion Question/Prompt Due Wednesday by 11:59 pm
Post a discussion constructed as the ‘P’ (treatment plan) that completes the partial SOAP note accessed through the link below.
Include in the discussion:
Your treatment plan for the diagnosis that relates to the “chief complaint” – structure your Plan using the format outlined in the SOAP Note Clinical Documentation assignment instructions accessed in the Unit 8 course module (e.g. diagnostics, therapeutics, educational, consultation/collaboration)
Citations for each of the guidelines/evidence used to support the elements of your Plan
Construct a narrative discussion that identifies how your Plan either aligns with or does not align with the diabetes management regimen that is documented in the subjective data set (the ‘S’)
Attached file: below use updated refernces
addition reference to use with this assignment provided by professor:
The ideal resource to aid you as you develop your ‘P’ (plan) for this patient is the ADA’s 2021 Standards of Care.
Here is a visual aid provided by the ADA, published in the Standards. The chart is included here, as an illustration, to demonstrate that prescribing practices for diabetic patients is a complex proposition.
Glucose Lowering Medication Flow Chart.gif (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
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