the Cornell notes formatting in the Historian’s

This assignment is based on your reading of three articles for your research project. I have posted a guide for the Cornell notes formatting in the Historian’s Toolbox here: Taking Notes for Research Project Also, I have posted a response to recent students’ questions here: Link to Discussion of Notes.
When you submit your notes please summit them in a pdf, doc, or docx format in one document. When you name your document, please name it YOURNAME_RESARCHNOTES. At the beginning of each article notes, include the bibliographic heading from your Research Project application so I know which article you are assessing.
For the right-hand side of your notes, you are faithfully recreating the author’s argument and evidence. Make sure that your notes distinguish between the key, main points and the evidence, supportive points. Regardless of how the article applies to your topic, this section is simply recording the author’s entire argument.
On the left-hand side is the critical-analytical notes that come from you. You will comment on how the author’s arguments track to your research. You might note such things as: What is left out of the argument? What aspect would you like to know more about? Test what the author has written against your own knowledge of the subject, against your own common sense and logic, and against your assessment of the evidence. These are your thoughts and your notes to help you reflect on the evidence and your topic.
At the bottom of the page you will summarize the set of pages (approximately 10) you reviewed on this page of notes. It is in this space that you will also share how useful this article will be part of your plan for writing your research paper.
Note: there is one change in the video. Instead of a page of notes for every 25 pages of the article you are examining, I’m requesting a page of notes for every 10 page.
The 10-minute video is here:

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