The CFO of World Manufacturing Supply (WMS) has tasked you, the plant supervisor (you asked for your old job back, since you didn’t like dealing with customers)

Formal Report Assignment
The CFO of World Manufacturing Supply (WMS) has tasked you, the plant supervisor (you asked for your old job back, since you didn’t like dealing with customers), to perform research and submit a formal report that the CFO will present to the CEO proposing alternatives to the current restroom supply and maintenance setup.
Ideally, your proposal will reduce costs, improve the appearance of restrooms, and improve efficiency. You also have the opportunity to make the restrooms “greener.” Make sure you present all costs and cost benefits clearly and concisely.
WMS, a local medical supply business with attached warehouse (20,000 sq. feet), employs approximately 50 employees. The plant features six conventional restrooms last renovated in 1980, all stocked with standard trifold paper towels, toilet paper, standard commodes, and traditional sinks, with hot and cold running water and standard electrical fixtures and fluorescent lighting, with plumbing and wiring to code. Visitors and clients use two of the restrooms in the front office, one designated for women and one for men. Each of the women’s restrooms is equipped with three commodes and three sinks, while the men’s restrooms feature two commodes, two urinals, and three sinks. Management is open to reviewing restroom gender designations as well.
Recently a client complained to U. R. Cili, Vice President of Marketing, that the restrooms were cluttered with paper towels and suggested that janitorial staff should clean the restrooms more frequently. However, Ms. I. M. Cheep, CFO, has indicated that plant costs must be reduced due to rising energy, water, and paper costs, and has also stated that WMS cannot afford to increase janitorial staff at this time. Any capital outlay to address this problem must be tied to specified savings over time, maximum seven years. Because current plant staff are qualified to perform basic plumbing, electrical, and construction to keep the warehouse running, labor for the redesign will be absorbed as regular salary (i.e. it won’t cost more than what WMS is already paying you and your staff).
Use formal report format with executive summary (or abstract) and table of contents to present at least two modifications to the restrooms that would meet all the above requirements and reduce clutter. Integrate graphics or tables, as necessary. Refer to chapter 9.4 for report elements, especially type 13 (cost-benefit analysis) and 14 (decision); 9.3 on proposals is also helpful for this assignment. Chapter 7 offers limited help on design.
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