Complete your Week 3 discussion prompt:
rules-of-exponents.jpg- which is located in attachments
Pick two of the exponent rules listed above and explain it in your own words. Provide an example to each rule you chose to illustrate the rule.
Create two exercises about the rules you explained above, so your classmates work it out.
Substantive Guidelines: Demonstrate and explain with words how you worked your classmates’ exercises.
Respond to (2) peers:
Peer (1) Kristine:
Hello Class,
To divide exponents with the same base, the base remains the same, and the exponents are subtracted.
a4 /a2= a4-2
Zero exponent rule states that any exponent raised to the 0 power is always equal to 1.
1) x20/x10=
2) (7x4y4)0=
Peer (2) Diana:
The multiplication rule of exponents says that for any ax x ay = ax+y .
For example, if x=3 and y=4, then a3 x a4 = a7 .
The Power of a Power rule says that for any (ax)y = ax*y.
For example, if x=3 and y=4, then (a3)4 = a3*4 = a12.
1. Use the multiplication rule to solve the equation a5 x a7.
2. Use the Power of a Power rule to solve the equation (a9)8.

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