Police and environment

*Source must come from assigned reading which will be attached at below at the bottom.
In summarizing the readings, areas you should consider addressing include 1) What research question(s) were the author(s) addressing?; 2) Why was the research question relevant?; 3) How did the author(s) test their research question(s)?; 4)Where did the data come from?; 5) What variables were involved in their research?; 6) What did the author(s) find?; and, 7) What was important about the research findings? You do not need to touch on each of these issues, but they are examples of ones you could address in your paper. Your weekly papers must explain/summarize the major findings and themes from the assigned readings. At a minimum, your papers must address all assigned readings for this week. Do not include directly quoted material in your papers.
ASSIGNED READINGS: Police and environment
Crank, J. P., & Langworthy, R. (1992). An institutional perspective on policing. Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 83(2), 338–363.
Katz, C. M. (2001). The establishment of a police gang unit: An examination of organizational and environmental factors. Criminology, 39(1), 37–73.
Matusiak, M. C., King, W. R., & Maguire, E. R. (2016). How perceptions of the institutional environment shape organizational priorities: Findings from a survey of police chiefs. Journal of Crime and Justice. doi:10.1080/0735648X.2016.1155302
Zhao, J., Lovrich, N. P., & Robinson, T. H. (2001). Community policing: Is it changing the basic functions of policing? Journal of Criminal Justice, 29(5), 365–377.

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