Do you think courts should practice Judicial activism or not?

I am seeking someone to complete assignments for a research class. Over the course of the next five weeks, a proposal with an annotated bibliography, a draft, and a revised final draft based on the prompt, “Do you think courts should practice Judicial activism or not? In either answer, also specify what kind of limits you would like there to be either way” will be due. This order is for the first assignment, the research proposal w/ an annotated bibliography due July, 8th. The reason I ask for someone who can take on the future tasks is so the person assigned to this order will have a familiarity on the subject already established as well as to avoid any inconsistencies, as this is a research paper taken on a stance. My personal stance, as already declared in class, is that Judicial Activism is not only necessary, but inevitable depending on the matter, such as the emancipation of slaves and the abolishment of segregation; I would appreciate if the writer will be able to adopt this stance as well. For full instructions on this assignment, please see the word doc. “Research Proposal and Annotated Bibliography guidelines” attached. I will also include a multitude of articles in PDF discussing Judicial activism, six of which will need to be cited in this proposal as per the assignment instructions. For any questions at all, please feel free to ask. Thank you in advance!!

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