crisis a client may experience.

This paper should be comprehensive and thorough and reflect clarity of thought and discourse. Students should pick a topic that represents a crisis a client may experience. Analyze the crisis situation from the following perspectives:
o Describe the nature of the crisis and the unique challenges involved in overcoming that crisis.
o What does the literature say is the best practice for responding to this type of crisis?
o What is in place in community systems to attend to or respond to this type of crisis?
o How do social and economic justice factors affect the client’s vulnerability to this crisis, the availability of services for a client in this type of crisis, etc.
o How can you build on your client’s strengths to instill hope in the service of working through this type of crisis?
o Discuss your own feelings about this type of crisis. Does it have an impact on you to deal directly with this type of crisis?
7The paper should follow professional guidelines with regard to protection of privacy, and should adhere to APA guidelines. Student should include a minimum of 5 references from professional literature regarding best practices. Students are graded on the following criteria: clarity of presentation, the ability to integrate and apply concepts and techniques discussed in class, evidence of the ability to analyze and describe, organization of the paper, and writing style. The paper should be typed, double-spaced, using 1-inch margins and Times New Roman font, size 12.

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