construct a three item scale to measure client satisfaction with service delivery.

Week 4 Discussion Board: Questions/Activities
1. (Ch. 10) Using the Likert format, construct a three item scale to measure client satisfaction with service delivery. Next, construct a three item scale using the semantic differential format to measure client satisfaction with service delivery. After that, construct a three question/item, semistructured qualitative interview script/guide to assess client satisfaction with service delivery.
2. (Ch. 18) Choose any two of the paradigms discussed in Chapter 18. Then describe how a hypothetical qualitative study (that you make up) might be conducted differently if you followed each paradigm. Briefly describe (in a few sentences) a hypothetical qualitative study that may be connected to a practice or field placement setting in which you have experience or familiarity so you can relate the content. Compare and contrast the way these paradigms might work in the context of your study.
3. (Ch.19) Plan a focus group by succinctly addressing the following (one or two sentences each):
a. State the research question/s you are attempting to answer.
b. Explain how you will sample for your focus group.
c. Explain the types and sequence of questions you will use.
d. Discuss possible advantages and disadvantages of your planned focus group.
4. (Integration) Cite (in text and in your reference list) and discuss each reading/media item for this week. If they were not integrated and discussed in your responses to the questions above, discuss them here.
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