Bibliographic information according to an accepted Andrews style

Instructions for Writing the Book Reviews: Include the Following
(1) Bibliographic information according to an accepted Andrews style (APA or Turabian)—See the template on
LearningHub which gives the exact layout for format. See also the Pitfalls guides relating to style.
(2) The author’s philosophical/ideological approach, and whether or not this is overtly stated – about 30 words
(3) The thesis of the book (that is, the main point the author is making), in a couple of sentences – 30 words
(4) A brief analysis of one major concern discussed in the book – no more than 130 words (be aware, there is a
difference between an analysis and a summary, and I want to see no attempts at a summary)
(5) Comments on the scholarship of the book [consider some of these items as appropriate: consistency of
style; consistent use of and approach to sources; assumptions validated, logical development of argument
or central thesis; use of legitimate and reliable primary and secondary sources; consistent with evidence
given by others in the field, or valid reasons for a different approach] – 130 words
(6) Special contribution or significance of the work – 30 word

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